How it Works?

Dubs listens to the movie playing in the theatre, finds the exact spot in the movie, and then plays your native language track back to you in perfect sync with the action on the screen

Easy to Use

Audio Track

This takes about 30 seconds

Take your

To use in the theatre

Head to the
Movie Theatre

And take your seat

Press Play When
the Movie Starts

Sit back and enjoy!


May I just say WOW! Using Dubs is nothing but a pleasurable experience. This could open up a whole new world of movies for me ... You guys are awesome! :)


August 2016

I've just started studying in the UK and Dubs is just what I need! I tried going to theatres a few times before I heard about it, but it was still hard to understand some parts of the movie. Now I feel like I'm watching a film back home in France.


January 2016

Thanks for an amazing app! It synced really quickly and was spot on all the way through. Tell me when more films come out!


February 2016

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